In Pakistan Politics and Economics are Strange Bedfellows (Video)

Polemics in the garb of intense politics (rather partisanship) may be giving Pakistan’s economy a somewhat Cinderella look. The causal effect of divisive politics and rumblings in economy and vice versa -is making things appear as two ugly ducklings -and strange bedfellows. This phenomenon seems discernible from the talking points in this recent video clip:

The good news is Foreign Minister Bilawal Zardari Bhutto has acknowledged ousted PM Imran Khan’s trip to Russia was not about the Ukraine war but about discussing long-term sustainable national economy goodies and not political economy’s apples and oranges.

Also, hope the exuberant usage of the term ‘bankruptcy’ in the communication ecosystem in place of ‘default’ and ‘fiscal stresses’ will also be given a second thought. This would be another good news (practice). Pakistan Zindabad.

Irshad Salim, Karachi