Pakistan releases 22-yr record of Toshakhana gifts. Many exposed as details surface.

Recipients list show Nawaz, Zardari took bulletproof vehicles, Khan retained watches. As per the documents, most of the gifts were retained by the officials free of cost except for a few ones. The details (made public) mention names of presidents, prime ministers, federal cabinet members, politicians, bureaucrats, retired generals, judges and journalists who retained the gifts –the list covers the period 2002 thru 2022.

Download the Toshakhan gifts list here >

Amb. G R Baloch, an observer based in KHI also one of the admins of Back2School Forum: This is an overdue public disclosure! It should be followed up with more transparency in all Government officials perks, privileges etc with out any exceptions.

Arsalan Vardag, a young certified professional accountant/auditor based in ISB: It is great that the list has been made public as a first step. The people of Pakistan are shocked that people in power could be so greedy and even cheap. This will hopefully lead to pressure from the people to change related laws that all gifts should be either retained by the State and/or auctioned and people should be able to buy the gifts and benefit from it.

Comment from a young bureaucrat: The public release of the Toshakhana gifts recipients is a significant development in promoting transparency and accountability in the country amid many politicians engaging in a blame game, accusing each other of being beneficiaries of the gifts, while the released list shows that many accusers themselves have been recipients.This highlights the need for politicians to focus on addressing the issue of corruption and ensuring transparency in their own actions rather than engaging in political point-scoring. It is important for all politicians and public officials to be held accountable for their indiscretions/actions and to ensure that public resources are being used for legitimate purposes. The release of the gifts recipients list will encourage further efforts to promote transparency and accountability in Pakistan. It is essential that all public officials are held accountable for their actions and are transparent about their sources of income and assets. This will help to promote trust and confidence in the government and strengthen democracy in the country.

Sarwar Haseen, an activist based in KHI: Every one bought and kept it except one, who bought and sold and then did not show the sale in tax return and to the election commission.

Aziz Ahmed, a political commentator based in ISB: Sheer daylight robbery. Valuations lessened to make the payment less Cars are not allowed to be taken out of Toshakhana at all. Both Mian Sahib and Zardari are guilty and should be prosecuted. Maryam’s purchase of Ghazi (Watch) needs to be highlighted all across the media and social media. Also, probe should be made if she has declared it in her tax returns.

Farooq Maniar, an activist based in KHI: Take a look at the amounts. You will figure out who benefited the most. Buying a gift from the Toshakhana is not a crime, but selling gifts for profit and not declaring it is a crime.

A senior defense official says: Iss hamam main sab nangay hain.

Irshad Salim, Editor/Publisher The list characterizes Mona Lisa takeaway of Pak politics, misgovernance, absence of rule of law and gerrymandering of all these functions as means toward an end.

Download the Toshakhan gifts list here >