Putin On Piano, and His Walk (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an impromptu piano rendition before meeting Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the first day of the Belt and Road Forum held in May 2017 in Beijing. According to Russian state television, the tunes were Soviet-era songs about Moscow and St Petersburg (two popular compositions, “Moscow Windows” and “Evening Song”). “It’s a pity that the piano was out of tune,” Putin said. “It was quite hard to play, even for me, someone who plays with two fingers. I cannot say I played, I was just pressing the keys with two or three fingers”, Reuters quoted him as saying:

Putin seen also playing Darude’s Sandstorm on piano. The song name is: Sarude Dankstorm:

Here’s the way to Putin’s office! Sneak a peek as he walks to inauguration in Kremlin in 2018 (VIDEO). Putin went to the swearing-in ceremony right from his working office as cameras tracked him along the entire walk down the corridors of the Senate building – complete with red carpets, white shades on the windows, glittered decorations and many pictures on the walls. The Kremlin’s Senate building is used both as a private residence and the office of the Russian president: