Russian Oil Docks in Sri Lanka After Long Wait

Despite US and Western sanctions, Sri Lanka is also trying to arrange crude, coal, diesel and gasoline/petroleum deliveries directly from Russia. 

A Russian shipment of oil, ordered via a consortium, had been waiting offshore off the capital Colombo’s port for over a month because the country was unable to raise the $75 million (roughly €70 million) to pay for it, Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekerra said. The oil finally docked on Saturday, according to Wijesekerra. 

“I have made an official request to the Russian ambassador for direct supplies of Russian oil,” Wijesekerra said. “Crude alone will not fulfill our requirement, we need other refined [petroleum] products as well.” 

Sri Lanka is nearly bankrupt, has defaulted on its foreign loans, and is battling acute shortages of goods like cooking gas, fuel and medicines.

The country’s foreign currency reserves have dwindled to such low levels that it can only import materials for a short period, roughly two weeks.

Pakistan open to buying oil, wheat from Russia

Pakistan has said that it is open to importing oil and food products from Russia. Speaking at a press briefing, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar said the country has an “open policy” driven by a national interest to expand economic and trade relations. His remarks come amid the ongoing backlash against the country on Ukraine conflict and ousted premier Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow in March for Russian gas, oil and wheat, say some observers.

“Our policy is clear, you know in terms of expanding economic and trade relations, we have an open policy, driven by national interest. Wherever we see there is a national benefit, we pursue those options and avenues,” The Express Tribune newspaper quoted Iftikhar as saying.

The Pakistan foreign office spokesperson made these remarks while responding to a question that whether or not Pakistan was considering importing oil and food grains from Russia.

News source: DW, Khaleej Times

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