Sikh Community Helps Kashmiri Girls Reach Home

DESPARDES — 32 Kashmiri girls studying in India’s Pune city panicked when they lost communication with their families in occupied Kashmir. Due to lockdown and curfew in the Himalayan valley post abrogation of Article 370– Indian military lockdown has entered its third week– access to phone and internet remains an irritant.

The girls however reportedly approached the Sikh Gurudwara Committee in their city for help in going back to their families in Srinagar which remains ground zero of resistance.

The Pune Gurudwara Committee booked the girls on a flight to Delhi, picked them from their hostels, and ensured their safe departure.

In Delhi, the local chapter of Gurudwara committee  took over the responsibility, and sent the girls to Srinagar. A few sewadars accompanied the girls on the flight to Srinagar. “They personally ensured that each girl was escorted to her home safely across Kashmir.”

VIDEO: Sikh community helps Kashmiri girls

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