Student Unions: PTI Govt. and Opposition on Same Page

DESPARDES — The PTI-led government wants to restore student governments in educational institutions which were banned in the 80s.

A PML-N lawmaker, Mr. Kesoo Mal on Tuesday introduced a private member’s bill in the lower house seeking an end to the ban on student unions.

The bill was opposed by some treasury members and ministers who noted that the government had already formed a committee on the matter and the prime minister also wanted to restore student unions.

However, most of the ministers and lawmakers from both sides backed the bill and it was referred to the parliamentary committee on education for deliberation.

On March 29, thousands of students across the country took out rallies in favor of student unions.

“There’s an active need to revive these organizations as it ties in with the ever-expanding need for growth and intellectual stimulation through extracurricular activities,” several former student union office holders said.

Most likely, the bill will be passed”.

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