Sudan Military Council Wants Sharia Source of Legislation

DESPARDES News Monitor – Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) said on Tuesday it agreed on the general structure proposed by protest leaders and opposition groups but wanted the system to be based on Islamic Sharia laws.

Responding to a draft constitutional document presented by a coalition of protest groups and political parties, TMC spokesman Lieutenant General Shams El Din Kabbashi said the council believes that the power to declare a state of emergency in the country should go to the sovereign authority, not the cabinet as the opposition suggested.

He also spoke about those who are accused of killing demonstrators, saying that they will not escape punishment and that investigations are underway.

The African Union and the UN are backing civilian-led Sudan transition. Officials from the Italian embassy visited the sit-in/protest site in Khartoum.

The Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso sang with the crowd at the sit-in.

Some creative road block signs were put up in Khartoum, erected by the protesters around the sit-in at the Army HQ.

Sudan’s youth put everything on the line to see Omar al-Bashir removed from power, reported DW.

“For 30 years we were humiliated. The generations before us did nothing.”

Women are leading the change, BBC said.