Sunday Poem: Great Expectations

If I give you love
what will I get in return?
will it be acknowledged?
or will it be but spurned?
If I offer my love
will you be mine forever?
or will you laugh at me
and say to me – not ever.
Am I just a fool in love?
head over heels and blind?
silly and sheepish, blushing
not knowing what’s in my mind?
I stand on the steps of happiness
worried, lest I fall
falling at your feet
all curled up in a ball.
Columbus took a chance
and by God – he did all right
I cannot leave you now
without putting up a fight.
I smiled and said I love you
my voice began to crack
but your eyes lit up I swear
as you smiled at me right back!

by David Lessard Nov 2021
–from Hello Poetry

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