System Collapse

“The sugar mafia, the wheat mafia, the power Mafia, other mafias, etc. –their time has also come”

AZIZ AHMED – Former Justice Arshad Malik case: He sentenced Mian Nawaz Sharif (MNS) in one case and acquitted him in the other one.

Maryam Nawaz outed a video which was nearly 20 years old, in which he was filmed in a compromising position, saying he was “blackmailed by the agencies” to sentence MNS because of the video.

The question is, if he was “blackmailed by the agencies”, why did he acquit MNS in the other case?

The ex-Judge says he was taken to Raiwind during the hearing of the cases to meet MNS – when he was out of jail because he was ‘sick’.

He also says he was offered bribe in cash by MNS friends while the case was being heard.

The ex-Judge also alleges that he met Hussain Nawaz in Madinah where he was again offered bribes.

Maryam’s narrative is that since the ex-Judge have been proven of being a dubious character, all judgements given by him are void.

If that is taken to be correct, what about the Supreme Court (SC) judgement after a detailed JIT report of which one volume is still not made public because of national security issues.

What about all the evidences available in the form of TV interviews by Sharif’s family members including Husain Nawaz saying ‘Alhumdollilah the Evenfield apartments are ours’, the Qatari letter and the forged letter -the Calibri font issue.

Where is Nasir Butt and who is protecting him –the person behind the videos?

Hiding behind legal technicalities is not going to satisfy the people of Pakistan. They can’t be hoodwinked any more.

Coming to the present:

What happened to the platelets counts issue of Nawaz Sharif? Wasn’t he supposed to come back after recovering from his near fatal health problems?

What about the libel case that Shahbaz Sharif was to institute against Daily Mail and its reporter in the money laundering case?

Why is Salman Shahbaz not coming back?

Why did Ishaq Dar fly in the-then PM’s airplane for an official visit to some Central Asian country and went to London to never return.

The Model Town JIT report is also about to come out.

Time’s up for the Sharifs.

AND for the Zardaris after the release of the Uzair Baloch JIT – the Nasir Morai JIT will further deepen their vows.

Altaf Hussain’s time has come too.

The sugar mafia, the wheat mafia, the power Mafia, other mafias, etc. –their time has also come.

The DHA City Lahore scandal will also surely come up soon. Time’s up.

The Judiciary – Arsalan Iftikhar scandal – the DAM Fund led by ex CJP Saqib Nisar, etc., etc.

The civil service – zillions of cases…

The injustices done, for instance Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s judicial murder.

Then the Mir Murtaza Bhutto assassination, while the likes of Shoaib Suddle and SP Hayat being given rewards in the form of promotions and posthumously having institutions named after them. WOW.

The system has collapsed. We need a new system of governance.

The writer is a former corporate executive and a civil society activist based in Islamabad.