Talking Points: “A Judge Has to Buck the Trend”. More…

Former chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) Jawwad S Khawaja at the launch of his book, Slaughtered without a Knife, at Kitab Ghar Literary Festival on Saturday.

“I have written a lot that was controversial. But what’s a controversy? If I write something that’s not liked by someone, it would become a controversy”.

“I have given many references (of cases) in the book where I knew the verdicts I was writing will not be accepted generally, but (the question is) should I care about it? A judge has to buck the trend”.

“Every sensitive person is connected with poetry since birth. Same was the case with me.”

“…people won’t object if I quoted Shakespeare or Wordsworth. They are good poets, but our foundation is in Hafez Sherazi, Bulleh Shah and Sultan Bahu. They are related to our conditions and thinking.”

“…in this country, children were being made handicaps…why a child should learn a foreign language which had no connection with his/her life.”

“The creative skills of children at Harsukh School, where my own grandchildren also study, are great, while the state, society and private schools are all killing their creative side.”

“3,000 judges of the country wrote verdicts in English, but I can tell you they don’t know the language. They can’t write in English and their verdicts show that.”

Sourced from: Judges shouldn’t care about people’s wishes in their verdicts: ex-CJP