Tinubu: Illegal Mining is Major Cause Of Terrorism

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By Greenbarge Reporters: President Bola Tinubu has identified illegal mining as one of the major causes of terrorism in Nigeria and across Africa and called for the establishment of a regional counter-terrorism centre that will serve as a hub for intelligence sharing, operational coordination, and capacity building throughout Africa.

The President, who spoke today, April 22, at the African High-level Meeting on Counter-Terrorism in Abuja, insisted that Africa must attack the roots that feed on terrorism, which he said, are ransom and illegal mining.

“Look at the illegal mining that plagues so many of our nations today. Those who think illegal mining has no connection with financing terrorism are sorely mistaken. “The international community has both the moral and legal obligation to help in this cause because it is external finance, not African money, that fuels these illegal operations. We shall be knocking on this door of the international community to answer this call for justice, peace, and fair play.”…

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