Waterlight, the Revolutionary Lantern (Video)

IMAGINEERING: This portable lantern assembled with 100 percent recyclable materials only needs seawater to charge. Half a liter of sea water is transformed into an incredible 45 days of electrical energy. A safe sustainable way to power lives of millions (almost 900m according to WHO) whose access to
electricity is limited and live close to the sea surrounded by arid desert terrain, the lantern transforms abundant natural resource for night fishing to charging mobile phones without the need to travel for miles:

Video WhatsApp shared by Shamsa Ahmed, Member Back2School Forum, ISB and National Business Forum, Karachi

HOW IT WORKS: Electrolytes in the salt water react with magnesium in the light to generate a simple reaction that creates electricity. Perfect for the inhabitants in the Tropic of Cancer region which has abundance of sea water, lots of sunshine, and miles of desert terrains -from Africa, the Middle East and all the way to Thailand, etc.