‘We Are the Mujahideens’: General Robert Neller

General Robert Neller claims that the US and Afghan Army are the real Mujahideens. A video on SRI Facebook Page posted on Dec 23 2020 shows the former Commandant of Marine Corps saying so.

He says “the terrorists call themselves freedom fighters, Mujahideens, (but) they are not…they’re criminals…I think the Arabic word is Takfiri.”

“The Afghan Army and Americans, we are the real Mujahideens”, he says.

Asked for his take on Neller’s view, an Asia-Pacific based analyst who specializes in US-China relations and South Asia affairs said, “The Afghan militants may well be Takfiris, who isn’t, in the strictest Wahaabi interpretation of Islam? But calling the USMC Mujahideen, fighters for faith, is taking it too far”.

According to him, “US forces fight to assert US Primacy.”

Last summer, the retired four-star General urged national leaders to “speak out for justice and fairness” following George Floyd’s death in police custody.

“The time for being silent has passed, at least for me,” Neller wrote in a “Letter to America” on LinkedIn.