Impeachment: Trump’s Capitol Hill Speech That Did It (Video)

Donald J. Trump became the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice, as a bipartisan House majority Wednesday voted to charge him with inciting insurrection by his supporters, who stormed the Capitol to block ratification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory, reports Los Angeles Times and other media outlets.

“It was a defining moment…and illustrated how far he has fallen in the year since his last impeachment and trial, when all but one Republican in Congress stood by him”.

“History made in the US, albeit dark”, commented Tanweer Mallick, an Illinois resident. “Trump’s words on Jan 6 did it,” said Badruddin, a resident of New York.

According to Rick Klein, Political Director of ABCNews, “Trump’s impeachment affirms power of words and consequences”.

The mob violence and desecration at the Capitol revealed a human cost to political lies and overheated rhetoric, he wrote.

“Words matter. Truth matters. Accountability matters”…”We here in this House have a sacred obligation to stand for truth,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the House floor, during the debate.

Trump now has to actually talk directly to the press instead of rage tweeting to respond to his second impeachment.

The National Guard has been brought in to heighten security throughout the U.S. Capitol as the House debated the second Trump impeachment and prepares for the next president’s inauguration on January 20.