The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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IRSHAD SALIM — Ilhan Omar has called for the ‘dismantling’ of US economy and the political system. ‘The webserver is returning an unknown error’ page when I clicked on the link. It didn’t work.

These links work: China wants Trump to win. Yes. Individuals are facing a psychological morass. Our minds aren’t equipped for this kind of reopening.

But this one for sure: Pakistan rolled out its first locally produced portable ventilators. It’s among one of the very first nations to do so locally –how well it can handle the COVID-19 affected is a wait-and-see. Still a good one.

So is this one: work is in progress to avail $2 billion debt relief announced by G-20 countries. The timeline shift to pay back would provide some breather to its debt management pundits as its economy undergoes deconstruction & reconstruction on Khan’s watch –the parallax effect has the nation’s elite and movers and shakers numb though.

Here’s a bad one: Ennio Morricone, Italian composer who wrote ‘ah-ee-ah-ee-ah’ theme of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ is no more. He was 91. Love the theme he left behind. Has become relevant several notches up now as the good guys, the bad guys and the ugly ones play it out for the new world order –all on our watch. Bad no?

The ugly part is what this transgender says. The good part is that he’s a hero –sunshine generation at its best:

Pakistani Hero

Our sunrise generation is cool too. Here:

Sunrise generation

The best part is that we have the both kinds. Bring them together, will be good. Awesome.

PS: ‘Sunshine’, ‘sunrise’ or ‘sunset’ are state of mind thing –age notwithstanding.

The writer is Islamabad based.