In India 3 Days 3 Lynching: Is Cow Vigilantism the New Normal? (Video)

DESPARDES News Monitor — Gory pictures and graphic videos of cow vigilantism in India is surfacing on social media and that’s happening days after PM Modi won for the second time in a landslide (historical) victory many had not expected.

That there have been 3 lynchings in 3 days in the biggest democracy could be the quintessential new normal. A video (below) says it all.

UK’s (birthplace of democracy) The Guardian recently carried on its website a poignant video on the new normal in the country — lynching.

“Rakbar, a Muslim dairy farmer, was murdered by a Hindu mob who thought he was taking a cow to be slaughtered for meat. His wife, Asmeena, must undergo an intense iddat (mourning in purdah) and their daughter, Sahila, is forced to abandon school to take care of the household. While the family falls apart, the hate machinery of rightwing Hindu nationalists – politicians and lynch mobs – works overtime to legitimize the killing. Set in a remote village in India, The Hour of Lynching sheds light on a global problem: communities turning on ‘the other’ – sometimes with extreme violence.”

THE HOUR OF LYNCHING video by the British news outlet evoked responses on social media, including this one: “Do not watch this video if you are weak hearted. Chilling. I hope Modi watches it to see what he is doing to humanity.”

Cow vigilantism – lynching in India

On Monday in Alwar, Rajasthan India, Akbar Khan was lynched by Hindu vigilantes after he was accused of cow smuggling.

Many are perturbed– those living and without.

According to Indian Muslim firebrand politician Asaduddin Owaisi,(tweet): “(Modi)…is awake only when Gau lynching falls below 5% or when young Dalits ride a horse in their wedding baraat.”

Upset of the new trend in India, one of the Indians tweeted, “I think in future I will teach my kid all holy books geeta, khuraan, Bible. Whenever mob comes for lynching at least he can lie and safe himself. Really upsetting. Wake up India”.

Another tweet said, “Many countries in the world have left their worst past behind and are progressing in new world order. BJP-RSS deliberately taking India in to it’s history so that people are distracted from real issues of jobless youths, farm crisis, dalit atrocities, Mob lynching etc.”

On June 3rd, “exactly 5 years ago Mohsin Shaikh a young boy from Pune, who was looking for a job and had just cleared the round one interview with Wipro became the first victim of Mob Lynching which started after Modi govt. came to power.The family has now lost all hope for justice.”