700+ Days Of PTI Performance (Infographics)

PTI team’s ability, capabilities and capacity to undertake “change management” and initiate its party manifesto -pandemic notwithstanding.

Graphic 1b

Graphic 1a

Major players positiveness or critical roles during the two periods (700+ and 100 days).

Graphic 2b

Graphic 2a

The incumbent party continues to face headwinds for various reasons, whether supportive or critical in form and substance for “constructive changes”.

Fiscal debt management has been the incumbent government’s major focus amid slowing of economy leading to unpredictabilities in state revenue streams.

Taking cognizance of the pandemic, its overall performance during the 700+ days is B- as compared to B during the first 100 days in government.

Post Script: The party in power continues to face opposition from traditional forces.

Irshad Salim, Islamabad