Pakistan is the Cheapest Country to Retire

IRSHAD SALIM: Indeed. Once you take retirement at the age of 64, and need to maintain the same quality of life as in the U.S., it would cost you roughly $182,000 if you opt to live in Pakistan — assuming average life expectancy of (78.7). This figure comes out to be approx. $12,000 per year and that’s $1000 per month.

Can’t beat this, I can say. “Pakistan is the cheapest country to retire,” a report in the Ladders adds.

Their estimate takes into account: going out once a week, takeout coffee once a week, no smoking, moderate drinking, no taxis or rideshares and two vacations, among other controls.

My numbers come out to be almost half of it and that’s in capital Islamabad –includes eating out once a week, smoking two packs of local Dunhill cigarette daily, staying in a first class guest house in one of the most prestigious sectors, having delivered home made food on alternate days, home delivery of washed and ironed clothes every week, rideshare once a week. Added plus: I’ve been getting daily visit by a bird on my French window and a weekly stop by a flute player –all for free! You have to feed the birds though.

Additionally, the cost includes furnished corner room with French window, attached full bath, access to a large balcony, a view of a huge tree, sunrise and sunset daily– all these total monthly on an average Pak Rupee 75,000. That’s $469 (PKR 160 = $1).

You’ll probably have some extra cash –to invest in govt. bonds, stock, even real estate or opt for weekend getaways in the northern part of Pakistan.

I prefer to dabble in creativity at 64:

If you wish to take a different path and have loads of retirement savings to spend, you may chose Bermuda. It’s “the most expensive country in the world to retire…where you would need $1,065,697 over 15 years”.

The bird is here again. Usman says he/she enjoys watching himself/herself on the window glass. Tausif thinks it’s a “good sign”! Priceless either way.

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