Habib Jalib Recites: ‘I Said This to Him’ (Video)

I said this to him… These hundred million… Are the epitome of ignorance… Their conscience has gone to sleep

لمحات اور یادیں
حبیب جالب کی ایک نظم میں نے اس سے یہ کہا

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Habib Jalib: ‘Mey Ne Us Se Yeh Kaha’

English translation @ Musheer (Advisor):

I said this to him
These hundred million
Are the epitome of ignorance
Their conscience has gone to sleep
Every ray of hope
Is lost in the darkness
This news is true
They are the living dead
Completely mindless
A disease of life
And you hold in your hands
The cure for their ills

You are the light of God
Wisdom and knowledge personified
The nation is with you
It is only through your grace
That the nation can be saved
You are the light of a new morning
After you there is only night
The few who speak out
Are all mischief makers
You should tear out their tongues
You should throttle their throats

Those proud of their eloquence
Their tongues are completely silent
There is calm in the land
There is an unexampled difference
Between yesterday and today
Only at their own expense
Are people in prison, under your rule

China is our friend
We’d give our lives for her
But the system that they have
Steer well clear of that
From far away say “salaam”
These hundred million asses
That are named the masses
Could surely never become rulers
You are the truth; they’re an illusion
My prayer is that
You remain President forever

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