A School in Pakistan Where Wearing of Mask is Not Required. It Has Become a Cattle Shed

A recent survey by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has revealed some extremely concerning details about education in Pakistan particularly in the province of Sindh –its capital Karachi is the country’s economic powerhouse and the largest city.

Data shows that literacy rate among 10-year-old children has
stagnated in the country partly due to the incredibly poor show in Sindh, where the literacy rate for 10-year-olds actually declined.

The country’s literacy rate (60%) remains among the lowest in the world. Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, and other regional states, excluding Afghanistan, all have youth education rates above or approaching 90%.

“We cannot achieve goals such as Digital Pakistan when a significant share of our population, especially the future workforce, can’t count beyond the digits on their hands,” the Express Tribune wrote in an editorial last month.