Math behind the image (or the face behind the mask)

GHULAM MUSTAFA: At the time of this writing, there are about 6 billion smart phones on this planet. Each equipped with a high resolution camera. Let’s assume that each smart phone owner takes one pic per day. That makes 250M per hour or about 70k pics per sec. So, by the time you finish reading this sentence, approximately 700k clicks may have taken place –all viewed, saved, shared, linked and perhaps photoshopped. You know and I know that this is a ridiculously low mis-under-estimated number. Reality is that it may be in an order of magnitude higher – and by any account 700kHz is a serious frequency. Anytime, any of the aforementioned operations is performed, requires some sort of image processing. So, by this account, image processing are the most overly used algorithms in the known universe. Outnumbering the most ridiculously overused, the linear least squares (of all flavors) combined. Do you agree? If so, then it behooves us to take an under-the-hood look at this event that takes places 700k times a second.

The author is AI professional and a senior software engineer in LA. His post also appeared in LinkedIn.

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