‘All’s Not Well’ in Kashmir: ‘Civil Disobedience’ Prevalent

DESPARDES NEWS MONITOR — The All India National Congress party’s leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Monday held a press briefing giving his views on the situation in Jammu & Kashmir– after his 5-day fact finding mission to the Indian-occupied Himalayan Valley. Azad summed up it as ‘all is not well’.

The first ever civil-politician’s account –56 days after the lockdown on Aug 5 by PM Modi set-up comes amid other reports that all is not well there– including September 30 report carried by The Washington Post’ titled The night the soldiers came: Allegations of abuse surface in Kashmir

Azad’s nearly 1 hour presser on Kashmir situation comes on the heel of Rahul Gandhi’s observations of the situation all over India due to rise of Hindutva. The Gandhi scion addressed Indian expats in Dubai recently.

Rahul Gandhi speaks in Dubai

Meanwhile in Frankfurt, on hundreds on September 28 marched to protest the lockdown– similar protests continue in major worldwide cities.