INSIGHT: Be Prepared for President Bernie Sanders?

The Vermont socialist could soon become the front-runner for the Democratic nomination

DESPARDES — Bernie Sanders raised significantly more money in the final quarter of 2019 than any other Democratic presidential candidate, but can he win the Democratic nomination? He has run second, behind Joe Biden, behind national polls for most of the year and matches up better head-to-head against President Trump than either Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg, says a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

“When Sanders supporters complain that the political press isn’t giving their guy the attention he deserves, they have a point”, writes Jason L. Riley in his op-ed.

Texas-based Kamran Gilani, correspondent for BOL TV says, “If he’s nominated in the Democratic primaries, then there’s a very bright chance to win the election, as he has a good plan for the general public specially for the veterans about Medicare and Medicaid”.

“And debt free education for students; So let’s see what happens. But it’s little hard for him to defeat conspiracies inside the Democratic Party circles who stopped him before against Hillary Clinton. If he was the candidate in place of Hillary he was a winner against Trump”.

According to Pakistani-American Agha Saleh who leads diversity campaign in New York, “It’s to early (to say if he can win) although I consider him the best among all”.

GILANI ADDS: “It’s worth mentioning and can not be ignored that a longtime Facebook executive has admitted the company’s platform helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election, and it may happen again this year. In an internal memo, Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth wrote, “So was Facebook responsible for Donald Trump getting elected? I think the answer is yes.” Bosworth, who was a backer of Hillary Clinton in 2016, went on to write that the company should not change its policies in an effort to hurt Trump’s re-election chances. In his memo, Bosworth referenced the role of the shadowy data firm Cambridge Analytica but downplayed its significance. However, a new Oscar-shortlisted documentary called “The Great Hack” argues that Cambridge Analytica has played a significant role not just in the U.S. election but in elections across the globe. The company harvested some 87 million Facebook profiles without the users’ knowledge or consent and used the data to sway voters during the 2016 campaign.”