Indian Woman ‘Rises From the Dead’ During Funeral Preparations After Apparent Misdiagnosis

RT — A woman in southwestern India succumbed to a high fever, lost consciousness and was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. Doctors tried and failed to save her life… or so they thought.

Malati Chougule, 55, of Muchchandi village in Karnataka, India was reportedly admitted to a private hospital in Belagavi on Wednesday morning by concerned family members. 

The medical team there tried to revive her all morning but she was pronounced dead by noon, having apparently succumbed to a high fever.

She was taken home by distraught family members and kept in the front yard of her home while her close family informed her friends and other relatives who traveled from surrounding villages for the funeral. 

According to the Hindu newspaper, as they were making final preparations, the unthinkable happened; she opened her eyes.

While some of the assembled mourners were convinced that it was a real-life miracle, some family members explained that it was more likely a misdiagnosed, short-lived coma. 

Though rare, such cases are not unheard of, as various conditions can lead medical professionals to believe that a person is deceased, only for them to come back.