Mary L. Trump: Why I’m Still With President Biden

The Good in Us by Mary L. Trump: It would be absurd to pretend that President Joe Biden had a good debate last night. I was there — he did not.

But let’s be honest about the performance of the other person on the stage who, if the metrics by which we’re measuring success are honesty, policy, a vision for America, and the defense of democracy, had a debate so apocalyptically disastrous that I can’t believe that not one pundit, not one Republican official (at least none I’m aware of) has called on Donald Trump to drop out of the race.

But if we’re only going to count style over substance, I’ll take hoarse and halting over hate-filled and unhinged every day of the week.

But setting aside the candidates for a minute, this election isn’t about Joe Biden or my uncle — it’s about who we want to be going forward.

Are we going to choose to be a country that rewards cruelty, incompetence, and mendacity while punishing empathy, accomplishment, and experience?

While Biden’s performance is rightly being criticized, it was the debate moderators who allowed Donald to steamroll the truth with an incessant stream of increasingly bizarre and dangerous lies — that he, not President Biden instituted a cap on insulin, that blue states allow women and their doctors to commit infanticide, and that Nancy Pelosi  was somehow responsible for January 6th — while refusing to answer the questions asked of him. Why Jake Tapper and Dana Bash chose to abdicate their journalistic responsibility in service to a man who is an enemy of American democracy and a free press only they know, but that abdication should be a much bigger story,

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