Changing Faces of Pakistan: ‘Drum Circle’ in Islamabad

DESPARDES — Some 3 to 4 dozen Pakistani enthusiasts gather in a courtyard in capital Islamabad every once a while, and sync their beats on locally made drums.

Drums have been around since 6000 BC, but to watch an informed group of community members sitting in a wide circle formation with drums tucked in cross-legged position is about communal, communication, therapy and it bringing a lot of people together.

The form and theme of their drumming transcends substance. Their Facebook landing page cautions, “Exposure to drumming can cause sudden outbursts of joy, happiness, energy, creativity and spiritual healing.

Two of us joined in. The step was quite therapeutic — indeed — almost similar to the ‘Laughter After Dinner’ neighborhood sessions practiced worldwide.

One of the young one’s among the informed group of community people said the event is a volunteer-based exercise done every month (Wednesday or Sunday) in different locations.

The group call themselves “The Drum Circle”. It has expanded from six people in 2017 to groups of 500 people playing percussion instruments together.

The aim: to empower participants in the act of celebrating community and life through rhythm and music. “It’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself.”

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