China Dubs National Endowment for Democracy “Second CIA”

China on Tuesday accused the United States of using its organization the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to topple governments around the world.

During a regular news briefing, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the NED is believed to be a “second CIA”.

“This [NED] self-proclaimed “non-governmental” and “non-profit” organization actually has long been receiving funds from the US Congress and the White House,” he said.

“Under the pretext of so-called “democracy”, the NED is engaged in such disgraceful activities as the infiltration of values, subversion and destruction of other countries’ regimes, and instigation of anti-government movements around the world,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman.

He accused that NED was behind the color revolutions, upheavals and violent incidents in many parts of the world, including the “Orange Revolution”, the “Jasmine Revolution”, disturbance over proposed legislative amendments in Hong Kong and the anti-government demonstration in Thailand that happened in recent years.

“The organization has long colluded with anti-government entities in many countries. It is used by the US as a tool to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and serve its selfish interests.”

He revealed that NED provided millions of dollars to separates movements including East Turkistan in Xinjiang.

“The NED has long been in league with “East Turkistan”, “Xinjiang independence” and “Tibet independence” forces. It funded and manipulated various anti-China demonstrations and protests, and is a main source and spreader of many China-related lies and rumors.

“In 2020 alone, the NED provided more than $10 million to nearly 70 China-related projects to promote activities that threatened China’s political and social stability, according to data published on the organization’s website. From 2004 to 2020, the NED provided $8.7583 million in funds to various “East Turkistan” organizations. It is dedicated to inciting and sponsoring anti-China separatist activities,” he revealed.