Our Shambled National Economy and Bogus Lifestyle

During the period covering last 10 years, following TEN major reasons of serious deterioration in a family’s financial condition have critically been noticed:

Everyone in family owns smartphone.
-Vacations are taken under social pressure.
-Buying cars and gadgets is a status symbol.
-Avoiding home-made food and extra eating on weekend outings is a norm.
-Brand consciousness of salons, parlors, stylish dresses, exotic garments, cosmetics and increased unnecessary medicine usage, etc. is a ritual. Families are more upbeat while shopping.
-Making Birthdays and Anniversaries special by spending more money rather than for the purpose of enjoying time together.
-Grand, lavish weddings expenses, gifts, and other family functions, get together.
-Commercialization of Hospitals, Schools, Tuition, Education, etc.
–No concept of social security system with us but blindly spending by taking loans and using credit cards, even before we earn some thing.
Spending tons of wealth on interiors decor of houses, offices and thereby depleting disposable income while adding to their maintenance costs.

We are in the run to copy others lifestyle, without taking care of genuine human needs & income. If this does not get curtailed, it will lead to lots of more stresses, anxieties, agony, lust, hatred, greed, frustration, and ultimately a frightening social fallout and societal deterioration.

• Pay your bills and taxes regularly.
• Courage -shun shyness. And change bad habits, live a minimalist life as lived by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Please share as much as you can and with everyone u know. None can curtail everything but all can curtail some!


Honorary contributors to DesPardes: Adil Khan, Ajaz Ahmed, Ammar Jafri, Anwar Abbas, Arif Mirza, Aziz Ahmed, Bawar Tawfik, Dr. Razzak Ladha, Dr. Syed M. Ali, G. R. Baloch, Hasham Saddique, Jamil Usman, Jawed Ahmed, Ishaq Saqi, Khalid Sharif, Majid Ahmed, Masroor Ali, Md. Ahmed, Md. Najibullah, Mustafa Jivanjee, Nusrat Jamshed, Shahbaz Ali, Shahid Hamza, Shahid Nayeem, Syed Hamza Gilani, Mushtaq Siddiqui, Syed Hasan Javed, Syed M. Ali, Tahir Sohail