A Short Conversation on Imran Khan’s PTI

This share led to a short conversation in a WhatsApp Forum

#1a: PTI is indeed deft at Science Of Minds (Mind Games).

#2a: PTI is back to being a movement for change in society. The gene is out of the bottle. My personal view.

#1b: Intent is noble but methods are primitive and tools are brutal. So I am not sure of the outcome. Also. disruptive social phenomenon in a rather fragile Social order like our country, are full of risks. I would rather like a transition through consensus.

#2b: A) Intent: noble
B) Methods: primitive
C) Tools: brutal
Correct me if i am wrong on your take: “PTI is using Science Of Minds (Mind Games)”. I assume your opinion above on Mind Games refers to B & C. If yes, then Mind Games is not primitive nor brutal in my view. If no, then please share, what refers to B & C.
Shared this to try converting the conversation into deductive analysis as an academic exercise.

#1c: B) Methods Primitive: Political discourse dominated by discrediting political opponents and highlighting the problems inherited rather than solutions. C) Tools Brutal: Character assassination and name-calling and refusal to listen opponents point of view.

#2c: Ayesha Siddiqa’s opinion piece on “Failed Experiment” generally dresses down on your take of the “intent being noble”. In the five levels of a process: Initiate; Enable; Facilitate; Execute; Deliver – your observations are on the last 2 or on the 2nd and 3rd? Any political manifestation (institutionalized) leads to geometric social actions and reactions (non-institutional). Our key/major political manifestations over decades were not of Khan’s doing and it was on other political forces’ watch.

#3a: The state citizenry social contract is skewed in favor of a very small percentile of population. This needs to change and change urgently, otherwise forces of dissent and resentment will lead us to unchartered territories.

#1d: That is my fear, therefore I advocate to have a process of political/social Change Management to avoid disruptions and fissures. Perhaps a free and fair elections is the solutions but with a caveat that all parties should give an undertaking that they accept the results and PTI included.

#3b: General elections at the earliest is a must. Any political party which loses the election will not accept the election results under the prevailing political environment. Only two things can ensure the acceptance of the results: 1) Credibility of the Election Commission, which unfortunately is under severe distrust, and likely to be further eroded after the present government undertakes electoral reforms. 2) One of the political party gets a heavy mandate and all political players are forced to accept the result.

#1e: Correct. The election commissioner has to be genuinely bipartisan. However, PTI has to be reigned in to stop maligning state institutions, since erosion of public trust on national institutions has enormous consequences for the integrity of the country.

#4a: So what you saying is just shut up and keep quiet. Hmm… I don’t think I am competent to make any opinion on that. If I was, I would have been a national leader. Sorry…