Conversation in a WhatsApp Forum: Bangladesh, Pakistan First T20

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Conversation today –as they were –in a WhatsApp forum comprising some Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and expats from both the countries…as Bangladesh and Pakistan cricket teams competed during the first of the three T20 matches in Dhaka:

-None of the Australian channels are telecasting the matches. Fox Sports might. But don’t subscribe it.
-I don’t think it will be that interesting a competitive match as we already know the ability of our players though certain changes have been made and in home ground they may play comfortably. However, they can learn from Pakistan Team.-
-Agree. Just wanted to see how the fare against Pakistan! In the home ground, Bangladesh might be more competitive with the crowd encouragement.
-Masud dear- our Games Prefect,
-Are you watching the fantastic match!?
-During power play in 6 over Bangladesh managed to get 25 runs with loss of 3 wickets. How nice, isn’t it?
-I could not understand why Bangladesh chose to bat first. I think chasing would have been better.
-Now a little math for you all, if BD team loses one wicket per 10 balls, how many overs will it take for BD to be fully out?
-Already fall of 4 wickets. Luckily not 5.
-Watching. The way game is progressing, doesn’t look promising for Bangladesh! RR being 4.92 is dismal for this version of the game after 11 overs.
-Afif is out. 5 wickets gone.
-Against the mighty Team like Pakistan at the end it has been a good effort by the Bangladesh Team with 127 runs. We should not expect a win but we want that our players can play full 20 over.
-That’s a good target ! Let’s see how it unfolds as Pakistan bats.
-Even if now Bangladesh Team loses by 10 wickets against the ‘World Champion’ Pakistan Team I think you should not be disappointed. The mighty Indian Team also lost by 10 wickets.
-Already Rizwan is out. If Bangladesh Team can take 2-3 more wickets I think we should appreciate.
-Yes. Fakhar & Babar are great batsmen.
-Babar is out. Another could be out if Bangladesh would have taken a review.
-Babar gone.
-How Bangladesh is playing? Already 3 out.
-Looking great. RR needs to be 7.26!
-Pakistan isn’t in a good shape now!
-Shoaib is very unfortunate to be out.
-Is he out? The transmission is hung here (Australia).
-What’s the score now?
-He is out. Score: 30-4.
-Wow! The game is turning interesting!
-Pakistan seems to be not in good form today.
-Yes, they look little tired. Traveling straight from a strenuous WC.
-Yes. Bangladesh is also fielding great.
-If Fakhar is not out now then Bangladesh Team can not expect a win. However well done.
-Things are turning in favor of Pakistan.
-Yes, it is natural. But now Fakhar is also out. Let’s wait and see. But each player in the Pakistan Team can hit.
-The game is turning competitive.
-As I said, I do not expect Bangladesh to win. But we should be happy with that.
-Bangladesh 😄
-What is going on?
-It’s turning in BD’s favor. BD has the real chance to win!
Pakistan Team will do some cracking shots and Bangladesh will collapse.
-Cricket pundits, enjoy the game.
-Done: Pakistan has won!!
-Difficult to defend this low score.
-BD lost the game in first three overs of their batting.
-Pakistan also could not do much in the first 5 overs! It was quite interesting at the end.
-Well Played Team BD!!!
-Today was a great chance for Bangladesh Team to win. I think such chance will not come again and Bangladesh Team will get white washed. However let it be competitive like today. I think Mushfique should play with his little change in choice of hitting balls, especially reverse swing. -Unfortunately Shakib is also not fit. Injury is a great problem for Bangladeshi players.
-শুধু বলহ৷ একবার বলোহ… ভাল আছ তো?🤪
-It was quite competitive. Pakistan team needed to settle down unlike Bangladesh. Bangladesh bowling & fielding were great. Let’s see the subsequent matches.

Pakistan won by 4 wickets (with 4 balls remaining).

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