Crime Against Women in Sindh: 132 Murdered, 108 ‘Killed for Honor’ in 2019 Alone

DESPARDES — As many as 108 women fell victim to ‘honor killings’ — a heinous human rights violation — in Sindh over the past year, according to a police report released on Friday.

The report, compiled by the police, recorded statistics from January 31, 2019 to January 30, 2020, according to Dawn.

According to the report, 132 women were murdered for different reasons, over the same period.

Adding up the numbers of honor killings and women murdered for various reasons in the province, the grizzly figure of 240 translates into 20 violations per month — 5 every week.

Furthermore, 1,158 cases of kidnapping of girls were registered with the police.

Sindh Police also recorded 128 cases of physical torture against women over the past year.

At least 95 women rape cases were also registered in 2019.