Fetrah, an Anti-Gay Campaign Emerges in Egypt (Video)

A new Egyptian movement called Fetrah is emerging to combat the homosexual-lesbian movement. Young people in Egypt have launched the campaign called “Fetrah” to oppose influence of the LGBTQ, reports Albawaba.

A Middle-eastern scholar tells despardes.com that Fetra means “our instincts which we were born with which Allah created us with; to be born as a man and a woman, create a family unit, and populate the earth…and not to disrupt the laws of creation, and the earth we live on”.

The campaign is being declared nationwide in Egypt and is designed to stem the growing influence of the gay community in the country and the Arab world, Albawaba adds.

“Just like the LGBTQ, the new opposing campaign has its own flag and simple set of colors under an Arabic and English hashtags (#fetrah #فطرة فطرة_لرفض_الشـzوz). The colors may be designed to emphasize the sexes -male and female genders. The website report adds, “It appears that the campaign has already…a strong supporter from the Russian president Vladimir Putin:


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