Hats Off to Nafees Bhai’s Four Snippets (Video)

IRSHAD SALIM from Islamabad — Nafees Bhai would be hardly noticeable and recognizable if I ran into him on a street in any major city of Pakistan. He’s a newsmaker in my opinion. Googling about him yields no results though –at least for me. May be it’s my unlucky day. BUT by all counts which matter to me and to many, Nafees Bhai is an unsung hero: His telegraphic snippets give goose bumps and butterflies in stomach .

Nafees Bhai is on YouTube –his poetry (shayari) hit nerves and their beauty is more than skin deep. They don’t cut corners. Hats off to him:

Adding all of the Nafees Bhai’s snippets unravels the agony of ghareeb (poor) ghayyur (proud) awam (masses). Others who are not on the fringe may disagree. This is where the “Ehsaas (Empathy) Program” of PM Khan kicks.

The program is pushing (inconveniently and to many’s discomfort) discernible albeit intangible changes and bringing awareness in the urbanized society here –economic goodies and baddies and tangibles and doo dats remain though apples and oranges in the electronic media.

The daily political tik toks are fodder for yielding higher Nelson Ratings for them, which in turn dictate their dollars & cents, and sense & sensibilities most of the time go out the window.

Haven’t watch these tik toks for more than a decade now.

“It’s all about economy stupid” says a political activist to me. I hear you my friend. God Bless you.

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