Imran Khan’s Exclusive Interview With Becky Anderson On CNN

Former Pakistan Premier Imran Khan doubles down on regime change conspiracy claims. He tells CNN’s Becky Anderson that the US plotted his removal from office.

Khan told CNN Monday that the United States had orchestrated his ouster, saying that “anti-Americanism” was growing in the South Asian nation as a result of “all this becoming public.”

Khan’s exclusive interview with CNN was his first with an international news organization since the cricketer-turned-politician was unseated in a vote of no-confidence.

Khan called for a huge nationwide rally to protest his ouster for Wednesday. His party PTI’s Azadi March (Freedom March) is enroute to capital Islamabad amid blockades, crackdowns and shelling and has reportedly gathered at D-Chowk.


Khan in Islamabad for Azadi March (Freedom March) waves Pakistani flag!