Imran Khan at Sialkot Jalsa. ‘Threat’ to His Life.

Imran Khan addressed the Sialkot rally on Saturday following a day-long tussle with authorities on venue. Khan’s nationwide movement for system change went ahead with its rally -3 hours later, but elsewhere, and he gave the speech. Khan said he has recorded a video statement “detailing everything, revealing every name behind the conspiracy to oust him and now kill him, and it will be released if he is murdered during this movement.”

“A very frightening one regarding the threats on his life. May Allah protect IK. Ameen,” a Middle East and South Asia observer says.”

Khan, who leads Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) party said he doesn’t fear death but wishes the nation should know its real enemies. “The nation never knew the names of people behind past conspiracies like Liaquat Ali Khan’s murder, so at least this time, I think the nation should know the names, the real faces (of its enemies).”

The PTI chief said the video he has recorded is in a safe place.

Khan has announced a series of rallies against the present government -led by PML-N, after his ouster from the prime minister’s office through a no-confidence motion, which many observers say was engineered.

Khan addressed a massive gathering in Mardan Friday followed by public the meeting in Sialkot on Saturday. He had earlier addressed public gatherings in Mianwali on May 6, Jhelum on May 10 and Attock on May 12.