In the Context of Tabdeeli (Change)

When you pray for the rain, you gotta deal with the mud too.
~ The Equalizer (Hollywood film)

Good point from Denzel Washington! (Mahmud, Malaysia)

But when you get a storm you have to fight for your life. (Nusrat, Karachi)

(Naveed, Islamabad)

True. (Huma, Karachi) and (Mubasher, Karachi)

(Sanaa, Lahore)

Hahaha good one. (Arun, Islamabad)

Quite true. But if some stands on the second floor of the house and starts peeing, and propagates it to be rain…. that is when one is filled with anguish and frustration. (Then) There is no sincerity of purpose. (Chughtai, Aus.)

First rain then mud or vice versa? (Chishty, Karachi)

Wadood, Islamabad)

With pleasure there is pain. If u put ur hand in a sack of coal ur hands will always be dirty. (Samina, Islamabad)

Tanveer, Riyadh, KSA)

(Sarwar, Karachi)

Why would I pray for such a rain in the first place? BTW, we were always taught to pray for ‘barish e rehmat’ not ‘zehmat’. (Tanvir, KSA)

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