India: English Teacher Fails to Read Book During Surprise Check

According to a survey by a local media house in 2018, the UP state’s ranking in economy is 20th out of 21 states, and 19th in education. In agriculture, the state ranked 3rd.

DESPARDES — In a shocking incident that has highlighted the dismal state of education in Uttar Pradesh (UP), an English teacher failed to read even a few lines from a textbook during a surprise inspection at a government-run school in one of the education districts.

A video of the incident, wherein the district magistrate of Unnao district can be seen asking a teacher to read out a few lines in English, has gone viral on social media.

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‘She should be suspended immediately. She is an English teacher and she can’t even read English properly,” says a visibly disturbed Devendra Kumar Pandey, the district magistrate, as the English teacher struggles to read from the textbook.

When the teacher mumbles something in her defense, the official cuts her short, saying, “So what? You’re BA pass, aren’t you? I did not even ask you to translate, all I asked for was that you read a few lines in English from the textbook…and you couldn’t do that.”

Pandey visited the school on Friday as part of a surprise check. He first asked the students to read something from their English book and when they started fumbling, he asked the teacher to read a few lines. The teacher also failed to utter straight sentences in English. The official then directed the primary education department “Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA)” to suspend her.

BSA’s Pradeep Kumar Pandey told local media further action will be taken after the district magistrate submits his report.

The incident comes two days after another government school in another (Sonbhadra) district of the same state, made headlines after primary school students were found to be served highly diluted milk as part of their midday meal.

With roughly 200 million inhabitants, UP is the most populous state in India as well as the most populous country subdivision in the world. Muslims in the state form the largest religious minority (nearly 20 pct).

A survey by a local media house in 2018, revealed the state’s ranking in economy stood at 20 out of 21, and 19 in education. In agriculture, the state ranked 3rd among 21 states.

The original report appeared in Al-Bilad Daily English