‘India Waging Proxy War Against China in Balochistan’ (Video)

“India is waging a proxy war against China in Balochistan. Therefore, we should discuss this issue with China instead of looking at it through internal security prism,” Dr. S M Ali, an Islamabad-based analyst says. He was discussing this in a recently aired talk show on Balochistan and the multibillion dollar Pakistan China Economic Corridor (CPEC). Here’s an edited/shortened version of the talk show:

Watch the whole half an hour video of the talk show here >

1 thought on “‘India Waging Proxy War Against China in Balochistan’ (Video)

  1. It is very well known fact that India is trying to destabilize Pakistan by bribing and exploiting local tribes. All big powers, major international organizations such UN , OIC , EU etc are fully aware of this. India is trying to undermine china’s effort and investments in Pakistan which will open trade routes to Central Asia, Middle East , Russia and many other counties.
    Let’s hope There is good, democratic , stable government which following nonaligned and independent policy to deter India’s evil plans.

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