Khan Has a Point. She Has a Point (Video)

Come September (Song), PM Khan said Pakistan’s future is linked with China. Makes sense. China and Pakistan are neighbors and “iron brothers”, no?

Yes. And in Afghanistan, we are ‘partners with peace, Khan said. “WE” means Pakistan and the U.S.

Khan also pointed out that “Pakistan does not have to be in any camp. Why can’t we have good relationship with everyone?,” Khan told Aljazeera.

He further said, ““Our future is now linked to China, progressing at faster pace than any other country in the world”.

This had me like receiving a googly –a week before the first virtual Halloween. But then boom came a WhatsApp share by Tango. Here it is:

Pak-American relations

It was coincidental and unintended Tango though, but Tango’s share helped me handle Khan Sahib’s curve ball. It wasn’t a “trick or treat” from him.

Planking Khan’s narrative with the lady’s narratives in the videoclip above is a bridge connecting the past and the future banks of our river (manifest destiny).

All we need to do is learn how to do the tightrope walk.

It would be fun to watch ourselves (a cricketing nation) learn the art of acrobat.

Jokes aside, the lady’s narratives on U.S. and Pak-US relations are hilarious. I wonder if she can be hired by our foreign office as a strategic communication expert. She knows “sandwich” technique.

Irshad Salim, Islamabad