Maldives Suspends all Ties With Israel, Including Ban on Israeli Products

Maldives has suspended all relations with Israel, following the atrocities committed against the people of Palestine.

On Tuesday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said via Twitter that the people of Maldives “stand in solidarity with Palestine.” Tweeting with a photo of the Palestinian flag, the President used the #FreePalestine hashtag as well.

His actions came at a time when the Maldivian public have been showing their support to the Palestinian cause by using the colors of the Palestinian flag all over the island nation. The public movement showed Maldivians waving the flag from their households in solidarity with Palestine.

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Spokesperson to the President, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez quoted President’s tweet, adding that the stance of Maldives was clear.

“We stand against injustice and in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle to secure their inalienable right to statehood,” Mabrook said.

He further said all relations between Maldives and Israel were now suspended, including the import of Israeli products.

An emergency motion was submitted to the Parliament on Monday by opposition party Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) member, Representative of Naifaru constituency Ahmed Shiyam, calling to ban Israeli tourists as well.

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