Mohenjodaro Was Wiped Out By ‘Atomic Blast’?

Archaeologists remain clueless nearly a century since Mohenjodaro was discovered –on how and why its inhabitants disappeared.

Built around 2500 BCE, scientists say the ancient city was ahead of its time and rivals the greatness of ancient Rome “though it didn’t have a central seat of government or evidence of a king or queen”.

So how did the 40,000 residents of the ancient city disappear? In the 1940s, archaeologist Mortimer Wheeler discovered 40 human skeletons at Mohenjodaro. He believed that they were people killed by invaders (Indo-Aryans).

Archaeologists now think this is not true. There is no evidence of war or mass killings. Indus Valley people seem to have been peaceful. If they had an army, they have left few signs of weapons or battles.

Researcher David Davenport thinks the city was wiped out because of an atomic blast. Did the aliens destroy it?

In a book titled “Riddles of Ancient History” written by Russian scientist Alexander Gore Gorbovskyi, a skeleton with the level of radioactivity 50 times greater than normal was found in the vicinity.

Further research is needed, researchers say.

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