‘Mossad Fueling Sectarianism in Pakistan Thru Social Media’

Pakistan’s Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Noorul Haq Qadri claimed on Tuesday that Israel’s secret service Mossad was trying to spread sectarianism in the country by using fake social media accounts, a report in Arab News’ Pakistan portal says.

“A female Mossad operative in Israel is spreading sectarian material in Pakistan by using a fake account,” he told a gathering organized by the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in Islamabad to commemorate the National Minorities Day. “This woman identifies herself as Aisha, has good command of Arabic, and regularly shares sectarian material on social media.”

The minister did not provide further details, and Arab News said it could not independently verify his claim. However, according to the report, the Minister added that “ignorant people” using these platforms spread the material without considering its implications.

Asked to comment on the minister’s sensational statement reported by Arab News, a senior Pakistani defense official based in the Middle East did not do so.

A day earlier, a top Pakistani defense official shared this videoclip characterizing Pakistan’s strategic location in a 4-way street with no stop signs:

The minister reportedly told the convention to raise awareness among scholars and general public not to fall for the Israeli conspiracy.

“We have noticed that blasphemous material related to sacred religious personalities gets frequently distributed [on social media]. It’s all planned,” he warned.

“For four decades, the conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan along linguistic, religious and ethnic lines has failed,” Qadri said. “Now the last attempt is a conspiracy to spread riots among Shias, Sunnis, Barelvis, Deobandis and Salafis.”