Muslim Neighborhood Set On Fire in West Bengal (Video)

DESPARDES — There has been no major media coverage of this incident in India.

A Muslim neighborhood was burnt to ashes in West Bengal on 10th of May 2020.

Muslim area burnt down in West Bangal

Reports of clashes between two communities in Hoogly district in Bengal first appeared in social media. Fear that Muslims in the neighborhood have tested positive to COVID-19 led to a clash, independent reports say.

Muslim residents were singled out and attacked, properties looted and burnt in a systematic, planned manner. Locals says goons in the mob were Arjun Singh, the BJP MP’s men.

“I was sitting in my quarters with my family after opening Roza in the evening. A group of armed men came to my line, entered the spot [a ground near his house] where we were offering our namaz and started beating us up. First time when they tried to hit on my head with a sharp weapon like a knife, I put my hand in the way to stop them and got wounded. Then, I [eventually] got hit on the head”, said Manzoor Alam, a 38-year-old year Jute mill worker who hails from Bihar.

“I was later taken to the hospital. I have multiple stitches in my hand and head.”

Meanwhile, a Kashmiri businessman was attacked by goons in the dead of night of Sunday in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. He laid on the road scarred and bruised, reported Clarion India.

Earlier this month, Kashmiri Muslim laborers were attacked in Assam. Before that, in April a similar incident was reported from a district of Himachal Pradesh.