Nature-Positive Economy: Business-as-Usual Won’t Work

A series of reports has been published encouraging transition to a nature-positive economy, as nature risk is rising –it is declining at an unprecedented rate because of human activity.

For instance, global resource extraction has tripled from 27 billion tons in 1970 to 92 billion tons.

Current trade, industry and government models underpin this loss. Consumerism, encouraging consumption patterns, urbanization and population dynamics have been key drivers.

Business-as-usual therefore cannot continue. There is need for a great reset of humanity’s relationship with nature. There is also a risk that COVID stimulus packages by governments will sideline planetary issues.

Transitions are therefor needed to move towards a nature-positive economy –businesses can be part of the solution, paving the way for new opportunities amid challenges.

Study shows a new nature economy could generate up to $10.1 trillion in annual business value and create 395 million jobs by 2030.

Public-private efforts towards building nature-positive economy can drive growth that is resilient, just, and has nature-based solutions at its core.

Need for nature economy

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