New World Order Can’t Be Built on New Tech Fraud, ‘Webinars’: Find Out Who Said This Exactly 5 Years Ago

DESPARDES — He is a Pakistani. “The rebel in me says: (New World Order) lacks Honesty, Trust and Credibility. These cannot be built through new tech frauds and ‘Webinars’. As the French say: ‘Plus Ce le Change, plus Ce le meme chose’. The more it Changes, the more it remains the same .’

According to him (said 5 years ago), “There are essential problems of disconnects and gaps. The three disasters that have happened in the world are the media, the powerpoint and the Bretten Woods institutions ( the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). His insightful views in April 2015, almost to the date, seek ears and nods south of the intellectual divide both young and old as we chart our course through the new normal, one day at a time:


The distinguished scholar and gentleman lives in Islamabad now — having taken retirement from foreign service, he prefers to teach students and mentor the youth. When asked why he’s back despite being offered jobs overseas from various universities:, his response is: ‘Tree Leaves fall on its roots’.