Pence Pleaded For Military To ‘Clear The Capitol’ During Jan. 6 Attack

TALKING POINTS MEMO: As a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, then Vice President Mike Pence made an urgent phone call to the acting defense secretary, pleading to “clear the Capitol,” according to a document obtained by the Associated Press.

The Associated Press reported on Saturday, that a previously undisclosed document reveals additional details about the urgent pleas made by Pence and others who sought to secure the Capitol as rioters descended on the complex.

Pence, who had been imperiled himself, appealed to Christopher Miller, the acting defense secretary. In a phone call that lasted less than a minute the former vice president demanded a deadline from military leaders on securing the building which had already been overwhelmed by the pro-Trump mob for more than two hours, according to the Associated Press report. More here…

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