Monday Poem: Mother’s Day Unsonnet

To think that I was once a germ of light
in the belly of another being,
and that this fact is unremarkable
in the vast plod of human existence,

renders me heavy with the headiness
of so much unsaying, and to reflect
on the fact that it’s difficult to praise,
in a single sentence sonnet, the guise

of that first miraculous animal
the new animal of my own body
was once tethered to by a cord of

meat and need, and how by snipping this tie
a deeper chord sounded from the organ
of my own mouth, my first sacred wailing,

and how the world splits open every time
a son tries to tell his mother simply:
thank you for this one strange and shining life.

-by Dante Di Stefano
from Poets Respond, May 12, 2024

Dante Di Stefano: “My mother is an exceptional woman, who has done more for me than anyone. And yet, for some reason, I find it difficult to write poems for her. This poem started as an attempt to write a single sentence sonnet like Frost’s ‘The Silken Tent,’ only for my mom. Hopefully, it gets at some of the unbounded gratitude I feel for her and have a hard time articulating on the page and in every day life. Also, I hope it expresses my profound reverence for all mothers, and my gratitude to my wife for being such a great mother to our two children.”

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