PTI ‘Performance’ During Its 3 1/2 Year Rule

PTI-led govt. headed by Imran Khan (initiated and or) “achieved the following” over 3 1/2 years. The performance list was WHATSAPP Shared, and is subject to review, analysis and comments by independent observers and the civil society:

⦿ Sehat Sahulat Card

⦿ Ehsaas Program

⦿ NCOC COVID Response

⦿ Ten Billion Tree Tsunami

⦿ Created a record 5.5 million jobs in 3 years

⦿ Legislated the government must not meet deficit by simply printing money concept (HUGE)

⦿ Free floated currency

⦿ Negotiated away $11 billion penalty slapped on Reko Diq Copper Mine case; instead Pakistan will now RECEIVE $10 billion investment

⦿ Negotiated away $1 billion fine on Karkay Rental Power Plant

⦿ Renegotiated the Qatar LNG deal, saving Pakistan $3 billion over 10 years; new deal is 31% cheaper than what PMLN had negotiated

⦿ Renegotiated terms with IPPs to save Pakistan Rs836 billion over 10 years

⦿ Instituted reforms in civil and criminal law and brought them to the 21st century

⦿ Locust Attack Handled

⦿ On track to plant forty million olive trees to position Pakistan as a major producer in coming years

⦿ Produced record harvests of cotton

⦿ Produced record harvests of wheat

⦿ Produced record harvests of sugarcane

⦿ Produced record harvests of potato

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⦿ Exports on target – to hit $50Bn by the end of his tenure. $35Bn this year
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⦿ Foreign Exchange reserves at record high – $24Bn

⦿ Highest share of capacity-enhancing capital goods in imports
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⦿ Reduced Current Account Deficit (CAD) to 2.5% of GDP

⦿ Increased tax revenue (on target for Rs6Tln this year), on target to increase tax as % of GDP from 10% to 16% by 2024

⦿ Achieved Primary Surplus

⦿ Regularized remittance flow – highest remittances received. Roshan Digital Accounts
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⦿ Achieved stable GDP growth rate of 5.7% for FY2021 and now headed towards 5.5% for FY2022

⦿ Reduced debt-to-GDP in a year where the same metric for most others has deteriorated 10%-35%
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⦿ Reduced Net Losses of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) by 50%!

⦿ Started construction of 10 large dams that will see completion beyond his present tenure

⦿ On track to build 6000 km+ of national highways during present tenure (more than any previous government)

⦿ On track to build these roads at half the cost per KM achieved under PMLN

⦿ Restarted the build-out of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR)

⦿ On track to indigenize cellphone manufacturing – 82% of cellphones now at least assembled within the country. Was less than 1% when PTI came in power

⦿ Establishment of ten SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in Punjab alone near completion

⦿ Improved power transmission capacity to 26,000 MW from 16,000 MW

⦿ Improved recoveries on electricity bills to 97.3% from 88%

⦿ Introduced Pakistan’s first truly integrated electricity capacity enhancement plan; also called Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan (IGCEP) 2021-30 – which prioritizes indigenous, low-cost and green sources of electricity generation, while also making sure there are adequate measures in place for evacuation/transmission and billing/recovery

⦿ Introduced first Single National Curriculum

⦿ Projected to reduce incidence of extreme poverty to 4% of the population by 2023 (WB estimate)

⦿ Pakistan Citizen Portal

⦿ Held the first truly representative local elections

WE WROTE in: 700+ Days Of PTI Performance (Graphics)
that PTI team’s ability, capabilities and capacity to undertake “change management” and initiate its party manifesto -pandemic notwithstanding, continues to face headwinds for various reasons, whether supportive or critical in form and substance for “constructive changes.”

We said, fiscal debt management has been the incumbent government’s major focus amid slowing of economy leading to unpredictability in state revenue streams.

Further, we said: taking cognizance of the pandemic, its overall performance during the 700+ days is B- as compared to B during the first 100 days in government. Post Script: The party in power continues to face opposition from traditional forces.

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