Republicans, Democrats Disagree Sharply On Problems Facing U.S.

As the U.S. copes with multiple crises, partisans disagree sharply on severity of problems facing the nation, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted June 16 to 22.

The poll reveals that Democrats are generally far more likely than Republicans to view several concerns – including how racial and ethnic minorities are treated by the criminal justice system, the coronavirus outbreak and unemployment – as very big problems in the country. And, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say illegal immigration is a very big problem.

In both partisan coalitions, fewer Americans now say terrorism is a major national problem than did so last year.

In a little over twelve weeks, Presidential election 2020 will be held (on Tuesday November 3) with former Vice President Joe Biden (Democrat) and President Donald Trump (Republican) as runners.

According to a survey conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, Trump faces an uphill task in his re-election bid with his approval rating hitting a record low and Biden taking a double-digit lead in key indicators.

The opinion poll, conducted July 12 to 15, show the coronavirus outbreak has adversely affected Trump’s prospects. The results came after the Pew poll which was held in mid-June.

Now, the president’s hopes of winning are pinned on his enthusiastic core base of supporters and showing the electorate that the pandemic is being dealt with effectively, The Washington Post said in its report on the ABC News-Post poll.

A tweet from Polling USA shows among that among youth across the United States there’s a huge support for Biden, almost four times the number for Trump.