‘Saudis Feel Let Down By America’

Former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to both London and Washington D.C., Prince Turki Al-Faisal blames President Biden’s policies for US energy shortage, says Saudis want only mediator role in Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He describes the Saudi mediation bid as “an offer of a friend to friends — both Ukraine and Russia — (with) whom we have had excellent relations in the recent past.”

He says Saudi-Turkish relationship “should be one of the best in terms of benefit for both countries,” be it in trade or cross-border investments.

Prince Turki says sanctions should be levied on Israel because of its record of invasions of Arab countries as “aggression is aggression”.

The former high ranking Saudi dignitary told Arab News, “Saudis feel let down at a time when they believe the US and Saudi Arabia should be together facing threats to the stability and security of the Gulf region.”

Reiterating that he could not speak for all Saudis, Prince Turki told “Frankly Speaking” TV program: “We are not schoolchildren to be treated with a carrot and stick. We are a sovereign country, and when we are dealt with fairly and squarely, we respond likewise. It is unfortunate that such statements are made by politicians wherever they may be. I hope that the relationship of the Kingdom and the US will not hinge around or be built upon that principle.”

Strong leader of Saudi intel during the Mujahideen war against Soviet forces in Afghanistan, and a suave diplomat to boot, Prince Turki is a rare Saudi statesman. He has been in some difficulties in recent years, though.

He offered his views to “Frankly Speaking” on US-Saudi relations, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the ever-shifting dynamics of Middle Eastern geopolitics at a time of rising oil prices and diplomatic tensions.

Courtesy: The Economic Times

He expressed strong displeasure with comments made by Hillary Clinton, the former US secretary of state, on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program in support of a “carrot-and-stick” approach to force Saudi Arabia to increase its share of oil production in order to reduce prices during what she called an “existential crisis.” Sourced from Arab News.

A Gulf based analyst said he believes Prince Turki is living in the past. “It’s demeaning always to make it sound that Saudi Arabia cannot exist without US security support. The world has changed and Prince Turki should realize this.” He added that “with all the armor that KSA has, why does it have to be frightened…and why collude with U.S. against Iran? Open direct negotiations with Iran instead of running behind the American skirt, ” he suggested.

A Saudi professional agrees with Prince Turki that the relationship with the U.S. is strategic. “It is unfortunate that the current administration has allowed itself to be heavily influenced by the far left. One can only wonder what are the causes of the short-sighted policies the U.S. has undertaken since President Biden took office.”